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Mailing Leads

Mailing Leads

Mailing Leads

If you are looking for mailing leads we can help. We have all kinds of mailing lead files to choose from. You can order leads in small quantities or very large. We can acommidate your every need. Let us give you personal quote.

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5400 Ft Henry Dr. Suite 4
Kingsport, TN 37663



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 250 Leads $30  500 Leads $60  1000 leads $95
 2000 Leads $145  3000 Leads $135  4000 Leads $140

Call us for special pricing. We can do special pricing on bulk orders.

We have all kinds of mailing leads available to you. We carry many different types of leads such as consumer leads, resident occupant leads, hispanic leads, business leads, New Business leads just to name a few. We can target your idela customer many different ways. Some things we can target by are income, age, gender, and many many more selects too many to mention here. Our leads are the best on the market.

Mailingedge offers a variety of services. If you need mailing of various types we can get the job done in a timely manner. First making direct contact with our customer to find out exactly what their needs are. Things like direct mailing, printing and what type of leads that best fits your marketing campaign.

Leads are our specialty

At Mailingedge, we are inventing with ways to help our customers. We have a good line of customers that take advantage of our sales programs. Whether consumers are in the market shopping for automobiles, insurance, mortgages or any other consumer or business lead on the market. We have the lead for you.